The Search for the Holy Grail

You may remember Parcival, a medieval prince whose mother raised him deep in the forest to hide him from the evil persons at King Arthur’s court who plotted to kill him. Thus, he was hidden from all normal social life. By the time he left home, he was so lacking in experience, he appeared to be a simpleton to those he met along the way. Parcival’s search for the Grail is a story of a fool who wends his way along the path seeking for the most powerful of all kings whom he deems worthy of his service.

Some think the grail is a chalice which, over time, came to symbolize womanhood. Now imagine the wonderfully malleable material I work with – clay, the stuff that loves to form into a bowl, a cup, a vessel. Potters recognize the nature of clay when they form these things. I challenge myself to make vessels and chalices in particular, that stand for the new woman. I search for the image of the fully realized, strong woman who reasons with a feeling heart.


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