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It’s not unusual for women to appreciate the power of their feminine beauty and sexual allure. Men are generally very free about the effect beautiful women have on them. The “Femme Fatale” is as old as Eve. Let’s go further and imagine physically strong women. Women who feel the hope, the promise and the full complete future that we imagine when we contemplate a human fetus. Let’s imagine a woman unfolding as a thinking being. One who recognizes her higher ego and expects to grow into her full power of humanhood. She is beautiful and strong. She is aware of the spiritual world and the world of science. She uses all of her gifts to make her way on a path to fulfillment.

Woman breaking out of the
Ancient vessel definition.
In fetal position
Embryo ego unfolding.
Awakening to the voice within.

Cracking the egg
Birthing the babe of herself
Celebrating her self.

Rose Red is striding out
Eager to explore and experience.
On capable and powerful legs,
She makes her way.
She owns the apple
And the egg.

You feel her presence
You see her shadow in the moonlight.

Solomon Rushdi calls her “Fire and Rain.”
Kali has roused herself.
The creator and sustainer
Uses the power of the I.