Edie the Udu / 8″H / #250 / front view

Edie the Udu / back view

Dora Doumbek / 10″H / $250

DRUMS: The documentary was made by a young Native American woman questioning the drumming tradition of her people. She filmed the seasonal cycle of pow wows that attracts tribes from the western United States and Canada. In performance, the drummers attack their giant drums with ferocious energy and power. They resound in the world around with such an impact that we listeners feel the sound barrier quiver in time with our hearts.

The brave drummers believe they contact the spirit of the earth with their drumming. Yet many tribes allow only the men to engage actively as a drummer. The women are relegated to the outer circle that surrounds them and are allowed only to sing.

This modern young Native American film maker wanted to be a drummer. Her film shows the progress some tribes are making to admit women to the inner circle of drummers. It encourages women who want to drum.

In the spirit of this film maker, I sculpt clay drums for women. I sculpt women in the body of the drum and not just Native American women. We are the drummer and the drum.